Thursday, February 26, 2015

Managing Stress During Busy Season

During busy season, most CPAs work 55-70 hours a week or more.  Although our firm tries to manage the work hours, it is still a peak time of year that can create stress.  

Stress can impact not only your productivity at work, but also your happiness at home. It's critical for CPAs to find ways to manage their stress during busy season.

Stress management is different for everyone but here are a few ideas that our team uses to destress throughout the day.  See the link below for an article with tips on how to re energize during your lunch break.

  • Move - Take short breaks through out the day to move.  Walk around the block or even to the water cooler.  Just that little change in position can help release the stress of being at your desk for too long.
  • Work Schedule - Most firms are pretty flexible with how you work your extra hours during busy season and most firms give you clear expectations of work hours.  Take time to think about when you are most productive at work and schedule your work hours during that time.  If you're a morning person and are working late into the evening, you are probably not being efficient or effective.  If you start feeling unproductive, take a break and come back when you are able to focus.  Don't forget to communicate your work schedule to your team members.  
  • Exercise - Find a way to keep exercise in your schedule.  You are working long hours and often people give up exercise first.  But, exercise is a proven stress buster and productivity improver.  Get up early, go for a quick run at lunch or do some body weight exercises when you get home.  It will improve your energy levels, clear your mind, help you be efficient at work and happier at home.
  • Socialize - Most firms offer food at some point during the week.  Instead of taking the food back to your office to continue working, take 5-10 minutes to eat and chat with your co-workers...about something other than work.  Give yourself a mental break.
  • Family and Friends - Schedule time with your family and friends.  Be diligent about protecting this time.  Plan an outing, a nice meal or a game night at home.  Find a way to spend quality time that keeps you engaged in a fun activity with the people you love.
  • Focus on the Impact - In the midst of long days and impending deadlines, it's easy to lose sight of what you are really doing.  You are providing a tremendous value to your clients by giving them peace of mind.  You are giving suggestions and advice that can help your clients be more successful, save money and build financial stability. Busy season is the best time of year to see your impact in action. You're making a difference!

What tools and tips do you have to manage your stress?

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