Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is this your first Busy Season?

January through April 15th in a CPA firm is a little crazy.  There are deadlines, long hours and stress. But it's also a fun and energizing time of year where the whole firm pitches in to help serve clients.  

It's a little scary and hard to prepare for your first busy season.  You've heard about the long hours and demands, but don't know how you'll respond.  You're excited for the opportunity to learn and help clients, but aren't sure what's going to happen.

Keep in mind that you will be a stronger, better accountant and person after you make it through your first busy season.  You'll build stronger relationships with your co-workers.  Your technical skills will grow tremendously and you'll be able to answer friend and family's questions about accounting. You'll learn to be very efficient with your time. You'll develop even stronger communication skills. You'll make an impact on your team and clients.  You'll even have some fun!

There are things you can do to prepare yourself for your first busy season (or second, or third...)

Take some time to talk to a coach or mentor about what to expect in your firm.  Talk with someone with more experience.  Ask them about the challenges and rewards of a busy season.  How did they handle the long hours and deadlines?  How did they balance a personal life?  What did they do to deal with the stress?  What did they love about busy season?  How did they make it fun?

Make sure you're clear on the expectations for your performance.  What are the expectations for work hours?  Will you need to work every Saturday?  How late do you need to be in the office?  Who will help with your questions?  Will my supervisors turn into crazy monsters?  What if I get sick?  

There are so many questions!  

The article below has great tips to help you prepare for a successful busy season.   Check them out.

Good luck!

Tips for Busy Season

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