Monday, October 13, 2014

You've landed the interview - now what!?

I speak to accounting students each year about recruiting and interviewing for a public accounting position.  The video below provides an excellent summary of what I share with accounting students. 

Here is a quick summary.

Be Prepared 
Why are you interested in this firm and how does that fit into your career plans?  Show you are interested and care about this interview.

Be Yourself
Let us know who you are.  You don't want to get the job and have to keep up a charade once you get the job.  We want to know you from the start. 

It's Ok to be Nervous
We know this is a scary process.  Interviewers understand you'll be nervous and will help you out.  Be prepared to manage your nerves so you can share your skills and interests in a clear persuasive way.

Be Excited
Enthusiasm about the firm and position is fantastic!

Be Honest
Don't exaggerate, fudge the truth or embellish your accomplishments.   

Be Prepared to talk about your 5 Year Plan 
It's ok to not have formal 5 year plan - you're just getting started.  Focus on what you will use to measure success such as learning opportunities, industries, technical skills, etc.  That helps us understand what is important to you.

Interviewers Aren't Perfect
Interviewers should be focused on helping you present yourself in the best way by listening and extracting information.  But there are a lot of factors that might distract an interviewer.  Make sure you take control of what you want to share with the interviewer.

A couple more from me...

Ask Questions
Be prepared to ask questions that demonstrate your interest in the firm and the position.  Don't be afraid to ask the hard questions.  Ask anything you need to know to make a decision about a future job offer.

Enjoy the interview
Have some fun.  Interviewers are people too.  Find common interests.  Learn about the interviewer.  Stay engaged and enjoy getting to know someone new.

Good luck!

This Way to CPA - Interview Tips

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  1. This blog is full of good tips for accounting students. I have been trying to become an accountant for the longest time. I think that getting the interview is important, but getting the job is vital. Then, I'll be able to help customers with their financial problems.