Friday, September 5, 2014

CPAs Networking? Yes!

Networking isn't something that most accounting students hear much about during school.  But is integral to success for a CPA. 

Public Accounting firms rely on networking, along with other strategies, to grow the firm.  Business networking builds relationships in the local business community and these mutually beneficial relationships help the firm grow.  The CPA and their contacts share information about their company and what they do.  Then, as each party learns about a client need, they are able to pull in their networking relationships to help their clients.  Sharing of knowledge and resources helps everyone.

New CPAs are often scared of the prospect of networking.  There is a perception that only extroverted people are good at networking.  That isn't true.  Check out this article about networking strategies for all personalities. 

7 Smart Networking Strategies for Any Personality Type

Test out the strategies at an upcoming event.  See which ones work best for you.

Then, have some fun meeting new people and building relationships!

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