Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Teamwork is Key

Team Work is Critical in Public Accounting

I recently had to leave town unexpectedly to take care of a family emergency. I had several client engagements in process and projects for the firm that needed to be taken care of during my time out of the office. I had to find team members to help me keep things going when I couldn't be there.

I was nervous to delegate my work to others.  Would the team member provide the same level of client services I would provide?  Would they know how to do the project?  What if the client didn't like them?  What if something didn't get done the way I like it? 

While I was gone I checked my emails a few times, but I didn't have the time or focus to worry about the work. 

Over my 20 years in public accounting, I've stepped in quite a bit to help others during a personal health issue or unexpected crisis.  I knew one day I might need help with a similar situation, but didn't think it would happen for a while. 

I'm extremely grateful to work with a wonderful, supportive group of people.  We are truly a team working together to help our clients and eachother. 

Thank you!

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