Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brain rest is critical to productivity

I've been following Happy Brain Science's writings for a while now.  This company studies the science of a happy brain and how it affects company productivity and employee engagement. 

The latest enews discusses the glorification of being busy.  How our society values being busy.  It means we are important, productive and in demand.

When we're busy, adrenaline rushes through our body and gives us a high that is addicting.  We start craving the feeling.  In the short term, it feels good, but in the long run, too much of this can wear us out and make us less productive.  The brain needs breaks, just like the body. 

Happy Brain Science recommends some ideas for how to recharge your brain and body:
  1. Physical exercise
  2. Social contact
  3. Healthy food
  4. Take time off (no checking emails, calling into the office, etc)
Science shows the body and brain need time off to recover and refresh.  Daily recovery is important.  So, put away your phone, stop checking your emails after hours and enjoy your time away from work.  You'll be more productive and have a happier brain!

Scott Crabtree at Happy Brain Science helps companies increase creativity, productivity and profits by applying neuroscience and psychology to boost moral and engagement.  Check out their website at

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