Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Your Career - Great Tips for Making a Difference in Your Career and Firm

Many new staff accountants are nervous about sharing their ideas, whether about orientation, a better way to prepare an audit work paper or office culture.  But, new staff are the best people to share their perspective. 

Here are some thoughts about how you can make a difference and start to share your ideas:
  • Onboarding process - Most firms work hard to provide effective, efficient training for you, but sometimes the training gets watered down over time.  We ask you how the training went and what could be done better.  Organize your thoughts and share them with us.  Even after several months, feel free to talk to us about what could have been done to better prepare you for the "real work".

  • Work frustrations - Some parts of a new position are just learning all the new things you need to learn to do your job.  But, many frustrations could be alleviated by talking to HR, your work buddy or a co-worker.  Share your frustrations, ask questions about how others overcame them and ask for help.  Share your ideas about what would help you.

  • Team or Personality Conflicts - Don't let small issues with team members turn into big issues.  Address them immediately.  Talk to HR about how to approach the person in a productive way. Most everyone wants to have a good working relationship with everyone on the team.  Most issues can be easily handled by talking about how you work and how you learn.  Asking questions about how the team member would like to communicate, how often, etc. also helps. 
You were hired to make an impact in the organization.  As a new team member you have a unique opportunity to share your impressions and provide opportunities for the firm to be even better.

Check out the article for some more tips about making an impact.

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  1. Great career tips you have shared with us. I agree with your point of view on Onboarding process. Thank you.