Sunday, June 2, 2013

I'm overwhelmed!

It's been a very busy couple months.  As we counted down the last days of busy season to April 15th, we began preparing for a full remodel of the Eugene office.  In addition, spring recruiting and performance review season was coming quickly.  That was just some of my work responsibilities!  Outside of work, both kids are participating in spring sports and have a lot of year end activities.  I was quickly working overtime and overwhelmed by everything on my plate.

For the past couple years, I've been using the "Getting Things Done" (see link below) approach to managing my work and life responsibilities.  The system helps give me a structure to capture the actions, ideas and thoughts rattling around in my brain and define clear actionable steps to get organized.  Essentially, it keeps me sane.

When things get extra busy, I have a tendency to fall behind on using my system, which just creates more stress and havoc in my life.  A nasty downward spiral.

At some point, I realize I just have to spend a little extra time getting back on track.  It's hard to take the time when you're feeling so overwhelmed, but if I don't, I have learned things will just get worse.  I'm starting to get back on track now.  Just having a handle of all the things I need to do helps me feel better and more focused.  Now, I need to stay committed and keep on the path!

Do you ever feel overwhelmed, afraid you're forgetting something important or only dealing with the day to day crisis?  How do you handle it?  What strategies and tools do you use to keep under control? 

Getting Things Done website

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