Thursday, April 18, 2013

Remodeling Your Career

The Eugene office is in the midst of a complete remodel - carpeting, paint, furniture.
As I've been getting ready for the remodel, I've been thinking about how remodeling an office can translate to remodeling a career.  Many of us are comfortable with the the carpet, paint and furniture that we've been using everyday.  We don't see the cracks, scratches, rips because it's part of us.  As our office is remodeled, not only do we notice those flaws, but we are re-energized by the new paint, carpet.  The same thing happens in your career.  It's easy to settle into a routine and not notice the little cracks.  We get sloppy with our offices, clothing, communication, organization.  A thoughtful evaluation every once in a while will help you see those issues and re-energize your career.  Here are a few thoughts I've had over the last few weeks:
Getting Rid of the Junk - As I go through my file cabinets, drawers, and shelves, I've found binders of conference materials, old files and articles that I thought I would need.  Most I haven't looked at in years.  The remodel forced me to choose what to keep and what to throw away.  Looking at your career in these terms will help you evaluate what you love to do and why.  Are you reluctant to delegate so continue to do entry level tasks that wear you down?  Have you been scared to try a new technology that might make your life easier? Why?  Work towards getting rid of that career "junk" that is holding you back.

Re-organize! - Over time most of us have areas in our office that are disorganized - the junk drawer, a box of files hidden in a closet, books stacked under the desk.  Since we have to take everything out of the office, the remodel creates an opportunity to organize our workspace more effectively and efficiently.  What if I moved my desk to another area, organized client files in a different way, changed the setup of the technology I use?  Reorganize your career by thinking how you spend your day.  Are you efficient?  Are you spending time in the areas you love the most?  Are you most efficient in the morning yet seem to spend your time doing busy work?  What can you re-organize in your career to make you more successful, fulfilled and productive?

Prioritize - What files, research, books, furniture will I save? What will I throw away?  What do I need in my office to be successful at my job?  Its time consuming and hard work to move things that aren't critical to your work so I am motivated to figure it out before I have to box it up!  Think about your career.  What is important to you?  Where should you be spending your time, efforts and energy?  What can you change to spend more time on the things that are most important to you and your career goals?

Face-Lift - A remodel is a visible face lift for the firm.  When deciding on colors, textures, furniture, we consider the message we're sending to our clients, team and community.  Take a few moments to think about how you present yourself to your co-workers, clients and the community.  What does your image say about you?  How about your verbal and written communication? What do your actions tell people about you?  Are you sending the right message? 

This remodel will be a challenging but rewarding experience.  You can create the same experience for yourself.

Remodel your career!


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