Monday, March 18, 2013

Ten Career Tips for Young CPAs - Part 4

Career Tips for Young CPAs - Part 4

My thoughts on the article below.

Step 9: Find the right work/life integration

This can be tough.  When most CPA's graduate, their career is their next big goal.  It's easy to get caught up in the opportunities and challenges at work.  To be a great, long-term CPA, you need to have other interests besides work.  Take time to figure out what you love to do outside of work and make time for it - even during busy times of year.  Set personal and professional priorities to guide your choices.  Understand that those priorities will change. Having time for yourself and fulfilling your life priorities will make you more productive and happy at work.  That is good for you, the firm and the clients you work with.

Step 10: Take Responsibility for your Career

New staff have coaches, advisors, buddies, supervisors, mentors helping guide them through the start of their career.  That is very helpful for the firm and you.  But, don't ever forget that you have the ultimate control over your career.  Want to try a new niche?  You need to ask for it.  Want to change your work hours?  Talk to someone about it.  Curious about how to advance?  Ask what you need to do to be promoted.  Don't rely on others to make your career a success.  Take ownership and action for yourself.

Top 10 Career Tips for Young CPAs

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