Monday, March 4, 2013

Career Tips for Young CPAs - Part 2

PART 2 - My thoughts on Steps 3, 4 and 5 of the article below. 

Step 3: Manage Upward
You'll most likely be working for a number of supervisors.  Each one has their own preferences, communication style and expectations of you.  As a young CPA, this can be frustrating, but is also a great learning opportunity.  Take the opportunity to learn how to manage up.  What does that mean?  That means managing your supervisors to get what you need from them to be successful.  Communication is the key.  Ask questions to clarify expectations.  Communicate if you need assistance or training.  Ask how your supervisor would like to work with you - frequent meetings, email status reports, etc.  Learning about your supervisor will help you anticipate their needs. That will make you stand out.

Step 4: Develop Diversified Financial Knowledge
Many public accounting firms expect you to choose a technical path on day 1.  At J&R, we believe that a broad base of experience at the start creates a stronger business advisor and CPA.  It also helps you to identify what you love to do and create a career path that you are passionate about.  Take the opportunities to try new technical areas, industry paths and learn all you can.  It will open opportunities you didn't know existed.

Step 5: Understand Your Weaknesses
As a young CPA, you'll be getting a lot of feedback through review comments, on the job training and formal performance reviews.  It can be overwhelming after succeeding in school.  Remember, we all have weaknesses and we all need constructive criticism to get better.  Be open to feedback.  Ask your supervisor whether you met expectations.  Ask what the next step would be for your career and how to get there.  Ask how you did on that project, the client meeting, the email of open items.  The more you ask, the more feedback you will get.  And, the more feedback the better you'll get.  Don't be scare of the feedback.  Take it as a gift and use it to help you succeed.

Check back soon for thoughts on the next few tips.

Ten Career Tips for Young CPAs

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