Monday, February 25, 2013

Career Tips for Young CPA's

The article below has great career tips for young CPA's.  Here are my thoughts on the first two tips. 

Step 1: Don't limit your challenges; challenge your limits

Public accounting offers many ways to stretch yourself.  First, focus on understanding your current role and responsiblities.  Ask questions.  Listen.  Take advice from your supervisors.  Then, when you are feeling comfortable with the day to day responsiblities of your new job, ask deeper questions.  Demonstrate your desire to learn.  Volunteer to attend events, ask to come along to a client meeting, ask your supervisor for more challenging work. 

Step 2: Find Mentors to Sponsor You

At Jones & Roth, every team member chooses a mentor.  Some team members don't utilize their mentor to the fullest.  Its important to share your future goals, concerns, weaknesses and strengths with your mentor.  Some people don't tlike to talk about their struggles or challenges.  But, that is exactly what your mentor needs to know to help you reach your goals.  Open up.  Don't be afraid to talk about the hard issues.  You'll develop a stronger mentor relationships.

Check back in a few days to hear my thoughts on the rest of the tips.

Ten Career Tips for Young CPAs

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