Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Career Shifts - Finding Opportunities in Your Company

We're in the middle of college recruiting season. Candidates often ask me why I love to work at Jones & Roth.  I love this question because it allows me to share my experiences with candidates and demonstrate the culture of J&R.  It also allows me to talk about the challenging and diverse opportunities in public accounting - even within one firm.   I'm one example of just how that might work. 

Here are some of the positions I've had at J&R:

* Staff Accountant - I started as a staff accountant preparing tax returns, audits, compilations and reviews.

* Municipal Auditor - In the assurance area, I worked on many governmental engagements and obtained my municipal auditor license.

* Large Client Group Team Member - A lot of my time was spent working with 3-4 client groups managing the compliance engagements and facilitating special projects and advisory services for those clients.

* Champion of Advisory Services - I helped the firm create a more structured approach to providing advisory services to clients, including strategic planning, team development, recruiting, etc.

* Strategic Planner - I facilitated our internal strategic planning process for the firm and industry niches.  I worked with the Managing Shareholder to develop strategies to improve the firm.

* Career Coach - Most of my time these days is spent helping our team members develop a customized career plan that helps them be successful at work while balancing personal life.  In addition, I manage the firms human resources functions.  I continue to provide advisory services to clients.  I also speak to community organizations about a variety of business success topics.

When I started as a staff accountant, I never imagined that I might end up as a Career Coach and Business Advisor.  The prospect of that would have scared me. 

I think what made this work for me was that I was always curious and open to new challenges.  I paid attention to what type of work and type of client energized me.  Then, I started asking for opportunities.  Along the way, Jones & Roth has been extremely supportive and has allowed me to create my own position.  I'm very lucky.

My challenge for you - don't get stuck in a prescribed role or career path.  Pay attention to what you love to do.  Look for opportunities.  Ask for challenges.  Open a new door even if it's a little scary.  You never know where it might take you.

This article gives another example of another person who found opportunities in one company.

The Glass Hammer - Voice of Experience

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