Thursday, September 6, 2012

Want something at work, but don't know how to get it?

I've written about Bruce Tulgan in this blog before.  The link below is a great blog post on getting what you want at work. 

Our firm encourages team members to share ideas, concerns and feedback about how the firm is doing.  Team members share about inefficient processes, problems with technology, ideas for improving teamwork, how to use money budgeted for team perks, and more.

We have a Team Advisory Board that addresses morale, team building, and provides a sounding board for our management committee.  We have staff and manager Q&As to address concerns, questions, and issues that are affecting our team and the firm.  We have weekly scheduling meetings to talk about work flow and client service.

We receive a lot of feedback.  The ideas with the best chance of success follow the advice in Bruce's blog.  Team members that think through the business case, use of resources and impact to the firm tend to have better success than team members who voice a concern without the rest.

Next time you have a concern, request or want to make a change,  take a little time to think about it.  Then, create a persuasive business case. 

Bruce Tulgan - Blog

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