Thursday, June 7, 2012

Vacation Time!

I have a vacation coming up next week. I'm excited to get out of town and spend some quality time with my family.  This week is a little crazy as I try to prepare for all the things that need to happen while I'm gone.  Leaving work can be a challenge for me and I was thinking about how hard it can be to take off time for those of us in public accounting.

Most people interested in public accounting are hard workers that feel responsibility for doing their best to provide excellent service to clients and the team.  They are over-achieving perfectionists who want to succeed.  These characteristics make them great CPAs and employees.  But, they also tend to forget how to take care of themselves, enjoy time off and recharge. 

During the busy seasons, many new staff try to work as many hours as possible each week.  We appreciate their efforts and desire to help the team, but we know that they will burn themselves out if they don't recharge along the way.  It's important to know yourself.  When you start feeling tired and down, it's time to do something for yourself.  Maybe that is exercising after work, taking a long lunch to get a massage or coming in late one morning to get a few extra hours of sleep.  Taking care of yourself physically and mentally will result in higher productivity and quality. 

Jones & Roth works hard to prepare our team for those busy times and to help them recognize when it's time to recharge.  We want happy, energized and motivated employees so we try to find ways to help our team regroup during the long work days with lunches, games and treats to break up the day. It can take a while for new staff to figure out what works for them, but once they do, they are happier, excited to come to work and motivated to do their best. 

So next week, while in Hawaii, I will be tempted to check emails and try to stay on top of things at the office so it won't be as crazy when I get back.  But, I know how critical stepping away is to my productivity and morale at work.  If I don't take time to recharge, I won't have the energy or motivation to do my best every day.  So, I will remind myself not to check my emails (even though my smart phone will tell me about them!) or call into the office.  I will do everything I can this week to find people to help handle the unexpected when I'm out.  Then, I will give my family permission to call me on it if I slip.


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