Monday, May 21, 2012

This article is a fun reminder that although not all of your classes will directly impact your career success, college is invaluable to your career.

This is especially true in accounting.  Your accounting degree provides the foundation for your future career.   
  • You'll learn accounting theory - keep those books, you'll use them. 
  • You learn to research and problem solve.  Don't forget those research skills - you'll need them.
  • You will have a great start to preparing for the CPA exam.  Keep your notes.
  • And you learn the value of hard work and persistence - remember those intermediate classes and group projects!
Most importantly, college provides you a learning experience that is invaluable.  So, enjoy your college years - take a chance, be curious, try something new, be an idiot and learn about yourself.  Then, you'll be better prepared to be a great employee with a bright future!

Fistful of Talent - Is there value in a college degree?

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