Monday, May 14, 2012

Find Work You Love - Hygiene Factors and Motivators

As a Career Coach, my job is helping our team figure out what they love to do.  This article gives a great perspective of what to look for in a career position.

It's important to focus on "Motivators" in your job - challenging work, recognition, responsibility and personal growth.  These are the things that keep you excited to come to work and do your best each day. 

Many people focus on the "Hygiene Factors" - compensation, job security, work conditions.  These things are important, but do not influence whether you LOVE your job. 

Think about how you can use the framework of the article during the recruiting process.  How will you find out whether the company has "Motivators" for you?

Check out the article.  Think about what motivates you.  Decide to find the job that you LOVE!

Clayton Christensen on How to Find Work you Love

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