Sunday, April 22, 2012

What is limiting your Career?

As a Career Coach, my job is to help our team identify and move past their career limiting habits.  Most of the time, this requires the employee to make changes in how they work.  Change is difficult. Even if we can easily identify the barriers and the changes that need to happen, actually making the changes is difficult if we don't fully address all the components of change.

Vital Smarts's book Change Anything helps provide a framework for for doing just that. To influence change, our plan must address the Six Sources of Influence:
  • Personal motivation - looking at impulses
  • Personal ability - new skills and habits
  • Social motivation - team environment and culture
  • Social ability - accountability
  • Structural motivation - short term costs and rewards
  • Structural ability - physical environment
By using this framework, we can be more effective at getting past those career limiting habits.

Check out this article and the Vital Smarts webpage to learn more about how you can get past your career limiting habits.

Digging Employees Out of a Career Rut
Vital Smarts - Books

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