Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Thoughts about Busy Season

Tax season

It's April 17th and the last day of tax season.  New staff are often concerned about how they will handle tax season.  Its certainly a very busy time of year with a lot of deadlines and new things to learn.  But, for many, it's the most exciting time of year.  The whole team pulls together to provide excellent service to our clients, there is a lot of energy and everyone learns new things.  The firm knows it can be tough so we provide perks to keep you going such as hosted lunches, ice cream breaks, sparkling Friday's and more.

Here are a few thoughts about busy season from a few of Jones & Roth's staff accountants:

Joshua Knudson - Started December 2011 (prior experience approx 1 year)
The highlight for me is the focus I was able to attain on business returns.  At previous firms I was spread out, preparing several different types of returns.  But to have the opportunity to just focus on 1120S and 1065 forms for a whole tax season gave me more depth and understanding of business taxes which I really enjoyed.

Tiffany Mellow - Started January 2012
My favorite part of busy season was the camaraderie that developed among the "morning" crew" ...aka, the group that arrived by 6:15am every day, even on a Saturday.  It just made the early days easier J

Jose Avila - Started October 2011 (prior experience approx 1 year)
The best part of tax season was the catered lunches and March Madness office pool

Brent McKee - Started January 2012
The first “busy season” of my life was exciting, overwhelming, difficult, but most of all fun. I was tossed headfirst into the world of public accounting on the 30th of January which gave me approximately one week to learn everything I needed to be prepared for the storm that was ahead. Two weeks after I started I was packing up my computer and heading out for my first day of fieldwork. 
I hate to succumb to using a cliche but it has flown by. I remember lots of tasty lunches, always being able to make time for a market trip and good times with the other staff that were here until the wee hours of the night. If I had to choose the thing I liked best about busy season it was the opportunities that were provided for me to work on a variety of projects in a short period of time. As soon as I finished one project there was another waiting for me to sink my teeth into. Thinking about how much I have learned in the last couple months only makes me look forward to learning new exciting things about public accounting.

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